Orlando Vacation Communities – Vista Cay and (Coming Soon) Paradiso Grande

Jul 20, 2020

Orange County is home to two great Orlando vacation communities. Firstly, Vista Cay, a brand new resort on the shores of Lake Cay. And soon another resort will call this city home. Orlando’s most exciting new vacation home development, Paradiso Grande Resort. With these two resorts, a thriving downtown, and access to the parks, the city of Orlando is quickly becoming one of the best locations for vacation rental homes.

Orlando Vacation Communities: Vista Cay

Vista Cay is a unique resort.

The developers sought a location that was as close to the parks as the hotels.

But also felt like it was worlds away.

They found it at Lake Cay.

Condo Suites and Town Houses

2 & 3 bedroom Condo suites and town houses offer economic accommodations that don’t skimp on the luxury.

Unlike other Orlando Vacation Communities, you won’t find single-family homes here.

But you will find Old Florida in all its natural glory.

That’s because, by building up instead of out, the developers of Vista Cay were able to preserve more of the natural setting.

Condo suites and town houses come with fully equipped kitchens.

In addition to private balconies that let you take in the lakefront setting.


Better Location than Other Orlando Area Vacation Communities

Vista Cay Resort has a prime location.

It’s just minutes from the Convention Center, Universal Studios, and Disney.

It’s also close to Downtown Orlando, where you’ll find exciting nightlife and world-class cuisine.

The great location means its always in demand with vacationers.

Therefore, it’s a great place to buy an investment property!


Luxurious Features

Vista Cay is full of great features that make use of its natural setting.

There’s a two-mile jogging trail around Lake Cay.

Plus two pools to cool off in after you jog.

As well as BBQ pits that let you savor those great Orlando sunsets while you cook.

Orlando Vacation Communities: Paradiso Grande

Paradiso Grande Resort is one of the most exciting Orlando vacation communities to come around in a long time.

Located off famous I-Drive, it’s just minutes from parks and attractions.

It will feature upscale town houses and huge single-family homes, as well as luxury amenities.


A Location to Rival All Orlando Vacation Communities!

Paradiso Grande Resort boasts an amazing location.

Just ten minutes from the Orange County Convention Center and Universal Studios.

As well as just fifteen minutes from Disney World.

Making it an ideal place to own an investment property, as well.


Town Houses and Single-Family Homes

Paradiso Grande will feature upscale town houses and huge luxury villas by Park Square Homes.

Homes with up to 15 bedrooms make it ideal for large families.


Resort Features

Paradiso Grande boasts all the luxury features you’ve come to expect.

In addition to some that may surprise you!

Including a huge pool, sports courts, and a fitness center.



The Future of Orlando Vacation Communities

With the brand new Vista Cay and the soon-to-open Paradiso Grande, Orange County is the future of Orlando vacation rentals.

It’s ideally located.

With access to Downtown Orlando and I-Drive.

And of course Orlando’s famous parks.

Making it an great city in which to rent or invest!