Orlando Hotels vs Vacation Homes – An Easy Choice

Jul 20, 2020

Only one side can prove to have the winning combination of luxury, value, and convenience. See how amazing communities with great amenities, and new homes with luxury features, mean that in the showdown of Orlando hotels vs vacation homes, the real winner is you.

Orlando Hotels vs Vacation Homes: Luxury, Value, and Convenience



Nowhere is the difference between Orlando hotels and vacation homes more apparent than in terms of luxury.

And nowhere is the difference in luxury more apparent than in terms of space.

Many Orlando hotels have large exteriors and lobbies that hint at space elsewhere.

However, the biggest suites you’re likely to find range up to a couple thousand square feet.

While at nearly 5,000 square feet, some of our larger Orlando vacation homes offer more than twice the space!

And they put that space to good use.

Orlando vacation homes are filled with luxury features.

You’ll find game rooms, themed bedrooms, and movie theaters.

Even the outdoor space is utilized, with private pools turning your rental into a private oasis.

But those are just your private amenities.

With waterslides, lazy rivers, and mini golf, the communities are like your own theme parks!

Compare all that with the crowded shared amenities at the hotels.

And the small, function-over-fun rooms.

And the luxury round goes to Orlando vacation homes, hands down.


But hotels are sure to make a comeback in round two, the value round, right?

Surely all that vacation home luxury must break the bank.

Actually, you can have 9 bedrooms of private luxury, and more community amenities than you can experience in a whole vacation, for half the price of an Orlando hotel suite.



So, what’s the catch?

Are these Orlando vacation communities in the middle of nowhere?

Is all that savings just spent on gas in the end?

Actually, with communities less than 10 minutes from Disney, Orlando vacation rentals are often better located than the hotels.

Add to this factors like private driveways, multiple bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchens, and the convenience round goes to vacation homes, too.


Orlando Hotels vs Vacation Homes: A 0-to-3 Blowout!

In the battle of Orlando hotels vs vacation homes, there’s a clear victor.

Because with incredible luxury, surprising value, and unmatched convenience, it’s a 0-to-3 blowout.

Vacation homes win by unanimous decision!


Put Your Money on a Winner

As more travelers learn why vacation homes beat hotels every time, their value as investment properties goes up.

So let our partners at Authentic Real Estate Team help you put your money on a winner.

They have the best vacation homes in Orlando, ready for you to buy now!