Renting a vacation home is the ultimate way to maximize
the magic of your Orlando vacation.

Renting a vacation home is the ultimate way to maximize the magic of your Orlando vacation. And the ultimate way to maximize the magic of your vacation home is with Orlando Vacation Rentals’ exclusive concierge services.

From grocery delivery that lets you skip the checkout lines to get a jump on the theme park lines, to personal chefs that let you spend time making memories instead of making dinner, you can leave the small details to us while you focus on the big picture: having the vacation of a lifetime!

For a small additional fee, Orlando Vacation Rentals offers services like:

Pool Heating

We’ll heat the pool before you arrive, so after you check in you can dive right into the vacation of your dreams!

Grocery Delivery

Don’t spend your valuable vacation time at the supermarket. Our grocery delivery service brings grocery shopping into the modern age by bringing the supermarket to you!

Personal Chefs

After your groceries arrive, contact us to have a professional chef come and turn your fresh meats and produce into gourmet meals.

Special Events

Orlando can be a dream destination for special events like birthdays and weddings. At Orlando Vacation Rentals, our professional decorators can make your event every bit as magical as you dreamed.

Rental Items

When you travel, there’s only so much room in the plane’s cargo hold, or in your car’s trunk. You can’t bring everything. But with Orlando Vacation Rentals, your favorite at-home accessories are never more than a phone call away. From BBQ grills to strollers, to extra beds, cribs, highchairs, child gates, and more, we have all the essential and luxury items you had to leave behind, available to rent!


Maximizing the magic of your vacation home is all about getting to enjoy the benefits of a private home without having to worry about the responsibilities of one. So kick off your shoes, unwind, and let our professional cleaners keep your rental looking like it did at check-in.

Other Services

We’re here to make sure you have everything you need to maximize the magic of your vacation home. So whether it’s a must-have service or accessory you just can’t live without, or a little something extra to put smiles on your family’s faces, just let us know how Orlando Vacation Rentals can help you have the best vacation of your life!

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